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Jul 24

Five Lady Lash stylists announced as finalists in Australia’s FIRST national live lash competition!

It brings us great joy to announce that five of our fantastic lash stylists have qualified for the finals of Australia’s first LIVE lash competition! Grace, Sabina, Cynthia, Leonie, and Isobel will compete in various styles and divisions at the Sunshine Pro Series on the 30th of July, which will take place at the Brisbane International Hair and Beauty Exhibition.

In order to proceed to the finals, our technicians had to select a model whose lashes they had impeccably applied and submit a number of full face, open and closed eye quality photographs to display their skill. Each technician spent hours on their application, selecting the right model, creating the best style, applying the lashes flawlessly and taking the perfect photo to capture their work!

The live finals will be judged by seven renowned Lash Masters from around the world, including Inna Kharlaomova and Tatiana Bilolovets from the Lash Art University in the Ukraine, Mariko Matsumoto from Marie Rush Lash Tokyo, Joy Crossingham and Katya Espinoza from Brisbane Lashes, Kimberley O’Beirne from Lash Vision Eleebana and Renee Gurney from Lash & Brow Professional. Technicians will be judged on the cleanness of their work, coverage of lashes, styling, symmetry, application, technique and overall look.

Winners who place first, second and third will receive extremely generous prize packs of lash products, which have been generously supplied by the event sponsors, Lash Joy, Lash Vision, Lash Collection, Lash and Brow Professional and Glamcor Professional.

Competition Director Joy Crossingham is counting down the days to the first live lash competition in the country stating, “it’s such a positive sign that the Australian lash industry is now progressing faster than ever before” and she “looks forward to undiscovered lash superstars getting the recognition they deserve”.

Lady Lash director Charlotte Creasey was delighted at the announcement of five Lady Lash technicians proceeding to the final stage of the competition.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have five of our very talented lash stylists go through to the finals. I know they all put a huge amount of effort into this, and that regardless of the outcome, they will do us proud in Brisbane!”

However she recognised that the competition won’t be easy.

“We know that the level of competition is going to be extremely high, and we are so excited about seeing the way that other lash stylists work, as well as being judged by some of the finest in the industry.

This competition is a fantastic initiative of Joy Crossingham and Brisbane Lashes, and something that I feel will really help to raise the standard of the eyelash extension industry in Australia.”

Winners will be announced on the 30th July.


For further information including high resolution images, please contact Charlotte: or 0417 2888 60

How your natural lashes affect your lash extensions

Jun 21

How your natural lashes affect your lash extensions – – The Artist’s Canvas

Nobody who has walked out of Lady Lash with incredible fluttery extensions can doubt that lash technicians are artists–the way a highly trained tech can completely transform your face is nothing short of magic! (more…)

Makeup Use and Eyelash Extensions

Jun 07

Makeup Use and Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to makeup, a busy girl often finds it’s her best friend AND her worst enemy at the same time! Our receptionists at Lady Lash chat to client’s every day about how sick they are of applying smudgy mascara or sticking on tricky falsies for a night out. That’s why we all love eyelash extensions, which keep us looking fabulous, fancy-free and ready to face the day as soon as we roll out of bed! When you’ve come home from your lash appointment, its always a great idea to check that your other products are compatible with extensions—this way you can be sure that your lashes will stay gorgeous day after day. Here are a few tips, so you can serve major face with amazing lash extensions! (more…)

The Jenner Dilemma

Jun 07

The Jenner Dilemma

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have hit the beauty industry like a glittery hurricane, their luscious selfie-filled lifestyle creating new beauty goals for a generation. Kylie especially has built a multimillion dollar career on creating big and beautiful features–big lips, big eyes, big lashes–and her makeup products have allowed her fans to try her look out for themselves. However, her thick lashes so far have not appeared as part of the Kylie range.  (more…)

eyelash extension styles

May 30

Different Eyelash Extension Styles Explained

Are you thinking of having eyelash extensions, but unsure which eyelash extension style will suit you? There are lots of different eyelash extension styles of lashes out there, which suit different people depending on the shape of your eye and personal preference. (more…)

Can you wear eyelash extensions long-term?

May 18

Can you wear eyelash extensions long-term? Q & A with Lady Lash | Lash Health


Hi there Lady Lash,

I’ve recently been researching about lash extensions and heard that you guys are happy to answer any questions. I was wondering whether you could help me out?


Why Aren’t My Lashes Lasting

Feb 28

Helping your lash extensions to last longer!

Helping your lash extensions to last longer!

We all want our lash extensions to be as full and glamorous as they are when we first walk out of the salon. It’s such a great feeling to show off your beautiful lashes to everyone, so how do we make sure they last as long as possible? It might surprise you how many factors are operating behind the scenes of your treatment and how they affect the length of time you can hold on to that luscious lash look. Here’s a handy little guide to the conditions that impact your extensions, and some tips on how to keep them looking great! (more…)

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Jan 23

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions? You may be brand new to lashes, or perhaps you are a regular lash connoisseur. However, we think it’s important that regardless of how familiar you are, that you have all the right information to help you take care of your lashes.   (more…)

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions 5D 6D at Lady Lash Newtown and Parramatta

Nov 25

Lady Lash Wins at Australian & NZ Lash Championships

Lady Lash Australia are thrilled to announce that three of our lash stylists won awards at the prestigious Australian & NZ 2016 Lash Championships earlier this year! (more…)


Nov 01


Lady Lash! was thrilled to have had beauty writer Eliza Sorman as our guest to try our mink glamour set in a cat eye shape. We are so happy that she adored her lashes!