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Secrets to Healthy Eyelashes this Winter

Jun 11

Secrets to Healthy Eyelashes this Winter

With the cooler weather settilng in, the Lady Lash crew have been putting away the fake tans and tangerine lipstick for a few months, but our lashes of course are here to stay! Lashes for us ‘lash-addicts’ are a year-round beauty staple – so we thought we’d share some tips on caring for your eyelashes and eyelash extensions throughout winter. (more…)

Russian Technique Volume 3D Lashes!

Apr 11

NEW Russian Technique Volume 3D Lashes!

The latest evolution of the ongoing eyelash extension phenomenon has hit the country, and it promises to pump up the volume, and the glam factor, of eyelashes everywhere. Russian technique Volume+ Lashes is the latest development in eyelash technology sweeping across the globe, and a game-changer in the beauty world. Lady Lash are one of the first in Sydney to introduce this service!


What Type of Eyelash Extensions

Mar 19

What types of eyelash extensions will suit you?

In all our years of doing eyelash extensions at Lady Lash – Sydney Eyelash Extensions, we’ve never seen an eye that we couldn’t dress up with lash extensions. In short – applied correctly, in a customized way, they suit just about everyone! (more…)