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break from eyelash extensions

Feb 21

Do you ever need to take a break from eyelash extensions?

Taking a break from lash extensions – is it really necessary?

So – you love your lash extensions (if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading!). They make your face look so fresh and awake, and it’s just so simple to get ready in the mornings…why would you ever stop? (more…)

What are microblade eyebrows

Feb 19

What are microblade eyebrows? Q and A with Monika, lead tattoo artist at Brow Game. 

Want beautiful brows that don’t wash off? Cosmetic tattoo and microblade is becoming more and more popular these days, with new techniques meaning that you can tailor your brows like never before. So – what is the difference between cosmetic tattoo and microblade eyebrows, and how do we get our mitts on some stunning brows? And most importantly – does it hurt?

We sat down with Monika, one of Sydney’s leading cosmetic tattooist/microblade artist, to find out how we can raise our brow game.

Q: So, Monika, what makes a beautiful set of eyebrows? (more…)

how to look after your lashes in summer

Jan 23

How to look after your lash extensions in Summer

With 2019 now upon us and the VERY warm and humid weather in full force, we thought it was a good time to remind everyone of aftercare for their lashes. (more…)

Lady Lash Stylists Triumph in International Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition

Aug 13

Lady Lash Stylists Triumph in International Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition

Lady Lash Australia is thrilled to announce that two of our lash stylists have won prizes in the LIVE finals of the Sunshine Pro Series Lash Competition. The second inaugural competition was held at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo on the 30th July, attracting many talented entrants from Australia and New Zealand. (more…)

How to prepare for your first eyelash extensions

Aug 09

How to prepare for your first eyelash extensions

So you’ve finally bitten the bullet and booked an appointment with Lady Lash for your first eyelash extensions. Hooray! Your life is about to get a whole lot easier-no more messing about with mascara in the mornings or worrying about your makeup on the go! Eyelash extensions are an amazing boost, helping you to look and feel your best every day. So how do you make the process easier, so that you can get the best lashes possible?

There is a little prep to keep in mind before you waltz into the salon and change your life. Here are our top tips for your first appointment, so you can be ready for some beautiful lashes! (more…)

Aug 06

Lash extensions and oil-based products

Eyelash extensions and oil-the facts

Lash extensions and oil are a tricky mix. From cleansers to balms, moisturisers to serums, oil-based beauty products are absolutely everywhere these days. If you’re a lash addict, this is a hard trend to negotiate-on the one hand, oil products promise you a world of amazing skin, but on the other hand oil is the number-one worst enemy of eyelash extensions. We’ve been hearing a lot of clients ask about managing oil-based beauty products and their love of lashes, so here is a handy guide to answer some of your most burning questions. (more…)

Jul 04

2 for 1 Cosmetic Treatments at Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine!

Dying for a catch up with that friend you always miss? Maybe it’s time for a beauty date!

At Lady Lash, we love all things beauty–and so do our neighbours, Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine. Our  Newtown stylists have been absolutely raving about the talented team at Illuminate, and we wanted to introduce our clients to them with a special exclusive offer. Grab your bestie and head into Illuminate Cosmetic Medicine to receive two treatments for the price of one! (more…)

Newtown mother of a makeover

Jun 27

A MOTHER of a Makeover-Julie’s transformation

Ready for A MOTHER of a Makeover? Meet Julie, the amazing winner of our Mother’s Day competition–and check out the difference a bit of pampering can make!

Five of Newtown’s best beauty businesses, Dolce Vita Beaute, A Loft Story, Jen Bazzi Makeup, Lady Lash and Brow Game, recently collaborated to make over a very special mother over two packed days. Choosing a winner for A MOTHER of a Makeover was a long process, full of smiles (and a few tears!) as we read the stories of many inspiring women. Julie Cumming’s winning entry, written by her best friend Mitzi, told us about her selfless attitude at home and work. Julie is a mother of three biological children and three more foster children, and spends her days as a respite carer for those with special needs. Mitzi described her as ‘the sweetest, most caring human who always cares for everyone before herself’–well, we decided that was going to change. We organised a two-day beauty crawl down Newtown’s famous King Street, where the hard working Julie was treated like a queen! (more…)

Naturally defined--Introducing Henna Brows!

Jun 05

Naturally defined–Introducing Henna Brows!

At Lady Lash we stay at the forefront of brow technology, so you can be sure your brows are the best they can be. We’re proud to introduce our newest service, Henna Brows, a natural, long-lasting alternative to ordinary tints. Henna is a plant-derived, vegan dye that has been used for thousands of years on skin and hair–it was only a matter of time before some clever clogs adapted it for your brows, and it really is a perfect match. Irina Levchuk, founder of the internationally-renowned Lash & Brow Design Academy, has formulated a special henna solution that is taking the world by storm–and will be on offer soon in our Newtown, Parramatta and Gosford salons. We have twelve colours on offer for maximum flexibility with our styling, including shades specially formulated for blondes and brunettes (no need to worry about any red undertones!). Henna is more strongly pigmented, more customizable and lasts longer than any brow treatment we’ve come across, allowing you to take your brow game to another level. (more…)

Eye Shapes and Eyelash Extensions

May 29

Eye Shapes and Eyelash Extensions–what works best for you?

It’s no surprise that the shape of our eyes is a huge influencer on our styling choices. Just like dressing for your particular body type, styling your eyes properly brings out your best features and is a great confidence boost. Beauty bloggers and Pinterest fans have been producing content on eye shapes and makeup forever, and most of us have spent endless amounts of time, makeup brushes in hand, trying out different eyeshadow techniques for our specific eye shape. Choosing to play up your eyes or tone them down can often make or break a beauty look-and it’s the same with eyelash extension styling! (more…)