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when long lasting lashes are not a good thing

May 10

When Long Lasting Lashes ARE NOT a Good Thing!

Why it’s normal for lash extensions to eventually fall out – and why they need to.

We all want to get the most out of our lashes–that’s why we love taking proper care of them!  Getting a good three to four weeks out of your lash extensions is a great feeling, and keeps you looking better for longer. However, very long-lasting lashes are not always a good thing. (more…)

May 09

Why are eyebrows so important and what are the options for perfect brows?

Complete brow makeover, henna brows and microblade/cosmetic tattoo options for eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most popular trends in beauty and there’s a good reason why. When done properly, eyebrows can make your face look symmetrical and add definition to your features. Full, naturally shaped, well groomed brows are the current trend, and due to their youth-enhancing property, we feel it likely to remain that way for a very long time.  (more…)

Transition to volume lashes

Apr 17

The transition from classic to volume lashes | Want them fuller?

It’s so easy to become addicted to lash extensions. When you always look fresh and done without any effort, your lash appointments are something to really look forward to! It’s not uncommon, once you get used to your new lashed-up look, to want to go a little thicker. We have a lot of clients who, after their first few infills, are inspired to upgrade to a more fluttery, voluminous set–all you have to do is chat to us, and we can definitely make some recommendations for you! (more…)

Lash Competition Model Search April 2018

Apr 10

Lash Competition Model Search – April 2018

Later this year (May and June) we will be updating our portfolio and creating competition sets  – so we are on the lookout for models willing to give up a few hours in exchange for absolutely jaw-dropping (and completely free) lashes, applied by our most experienced and talented lash stylists. (more…)

Hybrid Lashes | Sydney Eyelash Extensions | Lady Lash Australia

Mar 27

Hybrid lashes – A mixture of Classic and Volume lashes

Hybrid Lashes At Lady Lash. We know that beauty decisions can sometimes be the toughest ones–so why not have both? Over the past few months our stylists have experimented with your favourite lashes to create the hybrid set, a gorgeous blend of individual extensions and handmade fans customised to your natural lashes. (more…)

Autumn Lash Shed

Mar 15

Why are my eyelashes falling out faster than normal? All about the autumn lash shed

The advent of autumn means a lot of lovely things are happening. The air is crisp, the leaves start to fall and we can finally bring our our fuzzy bed socks! Seasonal changes, like the transition between summer and autumn weather, can also have an effect on your lashes. Your skin and hair adjusts to changes in temperature and humidity in many ways, but notably by higher turnover–which means that you might experience a bigger lash shed in March/April than you usually would. (more…)

This is not an infill

Mar 12

This is NOT an infill

Ah, infills. That special time where, every few weeks, you can rest and relax whilst your stylist perks up those luscious lashes. But how many weeks should you be waiting in between your appointments at Lady Lash? This is one of the biggest questions that we get asked, and there is usually a simple way to find what works best for you. (more…)

History of Eyelash Extensions in Australia

Mar 04

A History of Eyelash Extensions in Australia

What is the first thing you notice about someone’s face? A lot of people would say the eyes are where they look first, a fact that has led to a lot of interest in enhancing your peepers. Ancient Egyptians used kohl and lead to line their eyes, while the oh-so-proper Victorians preferred combining ash and berry juice to blacken their lashes. The first set of false eyelashes (strip lashes) were developed in the early 20th century, for use by film stars to give a more dramatic makeup look. (more…)

Lash Lifting Lowdown

Jan 23

The Lowdown on Lash Lifting

There are so many choices these days for lash lovers–it’s now possible eyelashes bigger and better than ever before. At Lady Lash we think that it should be as easy as possible to find the best treatment for you, so we’ve come up with a handy guide to our Keratin Lash Lifting! (more…)

Australian and New Zealand Lash Awards 2017

Jan 16

Gold (and Bronze) for Lady Lash! Australian and New Zealand Lash Championships Winners

The team of lash stylists behind Lady Lash have done it again, placing in four different categories for this year’s Australian and NZ Lash Championships. Competing against hundreds of technicians throughout Australia and New Zealand, Lady Lash came out with two 1st Place and two 3rd Places across various divisions in the lash competition, with results announced on the 3rd of January. (more…)