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damselfly candles at Lady Lash Australia

Dec 12

Introducing Damselfly Candles

There’s a new candle craze starting this December at Lady Lash! We have finally gotten our hands on the coveted Damselfly candles brand, and we’re ready to bring these ultra-cool candles into your life! Each individually hand-poured soy candle comes in its own special spun-glass jar, boasting 80 hours of burning time and several sweet scents. (more…)

Christmas Lashes

Dec 12

Christmas Lashes

It’s time to start jingling those bells–the holiday season is upon us!

December is the craziest month for most of us, with millions of parties to attend and the whole family descending on the house. However, you’ve never seen crazy like the Lady Lash salons in the leadup to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. (more…)

How to make your eyelash extension experience as relaxing as possible--Lash Naps

Nov 28

How to make your eyelash extension experience as relaxing as possible–Lash Naps

In our busy world, a few moments of rest are worth their weight in gold. A few hours away from work, babies and stress every couple of weeks is key to self care, and should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. At Lady Lash, our clients always tell us how glad they are to step through our doors into a place where they can enjoy quiet conversation, gentle music and even a sneaky nap–and best of all, wake up with beautiful lashes and brows! (more…)

Eyelash extensions for wedding day

Nov 22

Eyelash extensions for wedding day

I DO…want beautiful lashes! Eyelash extensions for wedding day

Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life. A celebration of love with your closest friends and family in a beautiful location…it’s hard to think of an occasion more emotional–or more complicated to organise! A prospective bride has a thousand things on her mind before the big day. Co-ordinating family members, invitations, decorations, and food options can make your head spin–and that’s before you’ve even thought about your makeup. (more…)

lash infills

Nov 15

Lash infills–the lowdown

Once you’ve got your first set of lashes, it’s not hard to fall in love. Those beautiful fluttery extensions look so good in the mirror, and it’s so great to hear compliments from everyone about how fresh your face is! As much as we wish lash extensions would last forever, after a couple of weeks your natural cycle will cause the lashes to start shedding–this means that it’s time to say hello to your lash lady again, and come in for an infill. Infills are wonderful, as they give you some time to yourself (lash naps, yay!) in the busy week, and you’ll emerge with revamped lashes ready to conquer. (more…)

lash lift or lash lifting

Nov 10

Lash Lifting–welcome to the future natural lash enhancement!

At Lady Lash, we’re all about enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Whether it’s lashes or brows, bringing out the best in your face and giving you that confidence is what makes our job so worthwhile. This is why we’ve decided to add another great treatment to our extensive menu–introducing our Keratin Lash Lifting service, available now in all salons! (more…)

Micellar water and eyelash extensions

Nov 08

Micellar water and eyelash extensions

At Lady Lash, we always like to keep on top of the latest trends in beauty–you name it, one of our technicians has looked into it! We’ve noticed lately that there has been a lot of misinformation around beauty blogs concerning extensions and micellar water, (more…)

Nov 08

Can I wear strip lashes on my eyelash extensions

Party season is almost here, and we all love treating ourselves to super-full holiday lashes–after a long year, haven’t we earned it? Since many of us wear lash extensions regularly, it’s easy to get used to the lovely long lashes that we see in the mirror each morning. When it comes to costume parties or special occasions, sometimes it can be tempting to pop thick strip lashes on for a more intense look than your everyday lash extensions. As fellow beauty lovers, we can understand–but as lash technicians, we say please, please please don’t! (more…)

Classic Lashes

Nov 03

Classic lashes and volume lashes — which extensions are for you?

We beauty addicts are lucky to live in the 21st century. There are more options for enhancing our peepers than ever before, from lash lifting to micro-fibre mascaras–some ladies even go down the extreme route of actual eyelash implants! At Lady Lash, we just adore what lash extensions can do for your eyes, making them look bigger, brighter and more flirty with minimal effort. It can get a little confusing when you check out all of the different methods of lash application and what effect they have, so we’ve decoded them just for you. (more…)

Full Brow available at LadyLash Sydney Eyelash Extensions

Oct 31

Introducing: Full Brow!

The technicians of Lady Lash are constantly on the lookout for the newest and best innovations in the beauty industry, and they have discovered another gem in the Full Brow collection. These products are perfect for those looking for defined, fuss-free brows for an everyday look—and come in the cutest packaging! Sourced directly from Italy, Full Brow was created to suit all of your brow needs, coming in a massive variety of shades to blend your own perfect brow.  (more…)