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Nov 08

Can I wear strip lashes on my eyelash extensions

Party season is almost here, and we all love treating ourselves to super-full holiday lashes–after a long year, haven’t we earned it? Since many of us wear lash extensions regularly, it’s easy to get used to the lovely long lashes that we see in the mirror each morning. When it comes to costume parties or special occasions, sometimes it can be tempting to pop thick strip lashes on for a more intense look than your everyday lash extensions. As fellow beauty lovers, we can understand–but as lash technicians, we say please, please please don’t! (more…)

Classic Lashes

Nov 03

Classic lashes and volume lashes — which extensions are for you?

We beauty addicts are lucky to live in the 21st century. There are more options for enhancing our peepers than ever before, from lash lifting to micro-fibre mascaras–some ladies even go down the extreme route of actual eyelash implants! At Lady Lash, we just adore what lash extensions can do for your eyes, making them look bigger, brighter and more flirty with minimal effort. It can get a little confusing when you check out all of the different methods of lash application and what effect they have, so we’ve decoded them just for you. (more…)

Full Brow available at LadyLash Sydney Eyelash Extensions

Oct 31

Introducing: Full Brow!

The technicians of Lady Lash are constantly on the lookout for the newest and best innovations in the beauty industry, and they have discovered another gem in the Full Brow collection. These products are perfect for those looking for defined, fuss-free brows for an everyday look—and come in the cutest packaging! Sourced directly from Italy, Full Brow was created to suit all of your brow needs, coming in a massive variety of shades to blend your own perfect brow.  (more…)

coloured lashes

Oct 27

DID YOU KNOW ABOUT? Coloured lashes!

Lashes are all about being fluttery, fun and flirty–so who says that they need to be black all the time? Lady Lash carries coloured, bejewelled and glitter lashes that are perfect for the upcoming party season, and we love working with something a little different; all you have to do is ask your technician! (more…)

Eyelash Extension nightmares

Sep 22

Eyelash Extension Nightmares–What to do if you have a bad experience

The first time I mentioned getting eyelash extensions, my mother was surprised.

‘Haven’t you seen what those things do to your eyes?’ she demanded, a sentence I’m sure many of you have heard! (more…)

Central Coast Lashes

Sep 21

Eyelash Extensions Central Coast

It’s been a busy few months over the winter at Lady Lash, with our lovely managers working day and night on our Central Coast lashes project—which we are so happy to finally reveal as Lady Lash Gosford! We have always been big fans of the Central Coast area, and many of our gorgeous clients have been making the trek south to Sydney for years to get their lashes and brows done. Well ladies, we’ve listened and we’re ready to get the central coast lashed up! (more…)

Online bookings available

Sep 02

Online Bookings available – at long last – and Referral Rewards Cards Coming Soon!

Finally, finally, the long awaited ONLINE BOOKING System is up and running. Look out; Lady Lash has decided to venture into the 21st century. You can now book online simply and easily!  (more…)

Keratin Lash Lift

Sep 02

Keratin Lash Lift Coming Soon to all salons! WIN a LASH LIFT + TINT

Lady Lash are soon bringing in a revoluationary new treatment – Keratin Lash Lift- to all of our salons! This is a long lasting, non damaging treatment that lifts lashes up from the roots. For more info and how to enter to win a FREE Lash Lift & Tint. (more…)

Eyelash Extension Foaming Cleanser Lashgame

Sep 02

LASH GAME Foaming Lash Cleanser and other neat aftercare stuff, now online!

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been developing a fantastic new Lash Cleanser through our own brand ‘Lash Game’. Between October – December last year, we gave away over 3,000 sample bottles of the cleanser to our loyal clients and basically anyone who was lucky enough to grab one before they ran out!  (more…)

Sep 02

BROWGAME Microblading on weekends at NEWTOWN

We now have two highly talented Microblade/tattoo artists from the fabulous BROWGAME team with us on weekends! We know how hard it is to sneak out of work to have a “specialist appointment” only to return with brand new on-fleek eyebrows…so BROWGAME to the rescue, all weekend every weekend!  (more…)