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lite set of eyelash extensions

Jun 02

What is a lite set of eyelash extensions?

What is a lite set of eyelash extensions?

For those who want eyelash extensions and are after a natural looking set, Lady Lash’s lite set of eyelash extensions is perfect for you! The lite set is made up of approximately 45-50 lashes and only takes 50-60 minutes to apply. It can be spread evenly across the whole eye to give medium/ light density for a subtle boost to your everyday look or, it can be applied to ⅔ of the eye to give more volume and glamour. (more…)

Eyelash Extension Experience

May 24

Eyelash Extension Experience by Ally

My Eyelash Extension Experience made me throw away my mascara.

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time can be a very intriguing experience. You have so many questions going into the appointment that you don’t know if they can all be answered; how long should I go, how much volume should I ask for, what shape would suit me!? I know, because I had never had eyelash extensions in my life before coming to Lady Lash. (more…)

Why we only infill very high quality eyelash extensions

Apr 20

Why we only infill very high quality eyelash extensions

Here’s a glorious photo collage of lashes that WERE NOT, I repeat NOT done by lady lash, however all belong to people requesting “just an infill” from us. Hmmm.

Please, please, please don’t come to us expecting/demanding infills on prior extension work that is, well, absolute rubbish, like those lashes pictured above. (more…)

Stephanie Lange Eyelash Extension Experience

Apr 07

Stephanie Lange Eyelash Extensions Experience

Lady Lash! is thrilled to have had beauty blogger and makeup artist Stephanie Lange as our guest to try both our Classic and Russian Volume lashes. (more…)

How to look after eyelash extensions

Nov 20

How to look after eyelash extensions

Just had eyelash extensions applied for the first time, and wondering how you’ll ever live without them again!? You are probably wondering how to look after eyelash extensions, to extend their life and make sure they last!

Here we have our 10 best tips that explain the best way to look after your eyelash extensions that will keep them looking their best and remain long lasting. (more…)

How do you know that you've got an experienced eyelash extension technician doing the job

Aug 28

How do you know that you’ve got an experienced eyelash extension technician doing the job?

How do you know that you’ve got an experienced eyelash extension technician doing the job?

(tips for finding the best place in Sydney to have your lashes done!) (more…)

How to look after eyelash extensions

Jul 24

What is the secret to natural looking eyelash extensions?

What is the secret to natural looking eyelash extensions? (Ones that make people go, “What mascara do you use?” not “Where do you get your lashes done?”

On almost a daily basis at Lady Lash – Sydney Eyelash Extensions and Parramatta Eyelash Extensions, new clients ask us whether they can have eyelash extensions that look genuine and natural, and not fake or like stick-ons.  The answer is, of course! One of our specialties is natural looking eyelash extensions – and below is some information on how we achieve the natural look. (more…)

eyelash extensions parramatta

May 25

Lady Lash Eyelash Extensions Opening in Parramatta!

After seven years operating in Newtown as Sydney’s eyelash extension specialists, Lady Lash is branching out to become Parramatta’s eyelash extension experts! Our second eyelash extension salon will open on Phillip Street Parramatta, on Wednesday the 10th of June 2015. (more…)

Apr 16

Mother’s Day Competition – win a package valued over $900!

We’ve  just launched our biggest competition ever – and we’re giving away a complete Mother’s Day Package valued at over $900 – all for one lucky mother!


faux mink eyelash extensions

Feb 16

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions, What are they?

When faux mink eyelash extensions first hit the beauty scene, they were introduced as real animal fur extensions. Minks are small semi-aquatic animals, similar to otters, that are farmed for their soft silks fur. The fur for eyelash extension use is purportedly obtained by gently brushing the animal and collecting the shedding fur. These real mink eyelash extensions were marketed as expensive, high-end eyelash extension products. The cost of real mink eyelash extensions is prohibitive for most.