Eyelash Extension Repairs

We are specialists in eyelash extension repairs and removals. Have you had a lash-tastrophe? Has an inexperienced technician (or maybe just a friend who you let ‘practice’ on you!) caused your lovely lashes some grief? Are your eyelash extensions uncomfortable, itchy or hurting?

All of these problems Lady Lash can fix. With a gentle eyelash extension removal method that does not damage the natural lashes, we can take off any inferior eyelash extensions, soothe your eyes, and devise a plan to get your lashes looking fantastic again. We regularly work with lashes that have been previously damaged, carefully applying the lightest lashes possible, filling gaps, and then over a series of appointments, gradually filling the lashes out as they grow back. We will always take the utmost care with the health of your natural eyelashes, when applying extensions.