Lite Set Eyelash Extensions

 Also known as semi sets or half sets, lite sets are a beautiful but subtle lash enhancement. With this set, we only apply 50 lashes per eye, usually about half of the available natural lashes. They are perfect for those wanting eyelash extensions on a budget, as they are a cost effective solution that can still provide big impact – particularly when just applied to the outer half of the eye, for a cat eye effect.  Most popular with those who like the cat-eye/almond eye look, we graduate the lash lengths to blend into your natural lashes.

They are perfect with a lash tint beforehand, for added darkness and definition. You can also have a lite set applied across the whole length of the eye, for a more natural look – this is very popular with those who already have long lashes but just want a little extra enhancement for a event. For some people with smaller eyes and paler, or more delicate features, a lite set can be quite a difference!