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Nov 10

Lash Lifting–welcome to the future natural lash enhancement!

At Lady Lash, we’re all about enhancing the natural beauty of our clients. Whether it’s lashes or brows, bringing out the best in your face and giving you that confidence is what makes our job so worthwhile. This is why we’ve decided to add another great treatment to our extensive menu–introducing our Keratin Lash Lifting service, available now in all salons!

We have been working with international experts to source a lifting treatment that is completely safe for your lashes, working effectively while ditching the harsh chemicals favoured by perm and lift formulas. In Europe, we found the amazing creators of Yumi Lash Lifts, who use keratin (a protein found naturally in hair and skin) to nourish the lashes while lifting those babies right up and opening out the eye. They even incorporate a lash tint into the procedure, for the darkest and most dramatic natural lashes you’ve ever seen!

Lash lifts are a little different from eyelash extensions. Instead of attaching fibres to your natural lashes, the lifting formula curls and tints them for a period of about six weeks or the life cycle of your natural lashes. We work to enhance the lashes you already have, for a gorgeously natural lift that works well with mascara and needs very little aftercare. This means that lash lifts are great for those about to go on holiday, who swim and gym a lot or can’t have lash extensions for whatever reason (a fantastic alternative for those with lash allergies!). The process is relatively simple, and should take around 75-90 minutes–this includes a little consultation with you, application of the Yumi lifter to each individual lash and a tint! All you need to do is ensure that your lashes stay completely dry for 24 hours. Your lashes may look a little pointy and clumped after the treatment, but this effect is just the keratin working and will wash out after that key 24 hours is up. Lash lifting is a wonderful treatment for younger and older clients, and for those just entering the world of lashes.

We have had amazing results with the Keratin Lash Lift so far, and are very excited for the future–come and have a chat with our lovely receptionists to find out more!

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