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Our Awards

Our Lash Stylists regularly compete in national and international competitions, and in recent years have won these awards:

2018 Pro Series International LIVE Lash Competition 

1st Place (Classic Expert)

1st Place (Classic) 

4 x Finalists 


2017 Australian & NZ Lash Championships (Jan 2018)

1st Place (2-3D Volume Experienced)

1st Place (Classic)

3rd Place (Classic Expert)

3rd Place (2-3D Volume)


2016 Pro Series International LIVE Lash Competition

6 x Finalists

2nd Place (Volume)

3rd Place (Volume)


2016 Australian & NZ Lash Championships

1st Place (4D+ Volume Expert)

3rd Place (4D+ Volume Expert)

2nd Place (Volume Beginner)

Sponsor’s Choice Award