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Our Policy

Lady Lash Newtown is by appointment only – as perfect lashes are something you just can’t rush! So please give our friendly receptionist a call on 0420 634 904 to book a time that suits you. We’re open most evenings and Saturdays for your convenience.

Cancelation Policy

Our cancelation policy is as follows: if you can’t make your booking and need to reschedule or cancel, we really do need 24 hours notice. Any less makes life quite difficult here at Lady Lash, and means that other people on the cancelation list often miss out! So please just call, or even SMS within 24 hours of your booking. If you regularly give us less than 24 hours notice or don’t show up at all without calling, please expect that we will require pre-payment before we will book you in again.

A late cancelation fee of 50% of the booking cost is charged for cancelations made less than 8 hours before your booking, or no-shows. 

Lateness Policy


Your appointment is your time, set aside specifically for you to relax and enjoy being pampered. So as not to inconvenience our mostly punctual clients or our lash technicians who have busy salon schedules, if you are late to your appointment, we will not run it late overtime into someone else’s appointed time. Arriving late means that your appointment will be cut short, and we may not have the time required to apply as many lashes as you would like.  Our standard booking fees will still apply.

To get the most out of your appointment and to make sure our technicians can make your lashes as lovely as possible, please arrive on time and with all eye make-up removed (you are welcome to remove it here, just arrive a few min ahead of time)

Treatment Issue Policy

If, for any reason you experience any issue or problem with a treatment, we are happy to give you a complimentary follow-up consultation, and then attempt to remedy the issue (which may or may not be a complimentary service, depending on the nature of the situation) however, you must contact us with three (3) working days of your appointment for us to do so. We are very, very happy to help you, but please request our assistance within a reasonable timeframe, to allow us to to properly assess the treatment outcome.

Therapist Booking Policy

We will always endeavor to ensure that when you book a specific therapist, they are available for your treatment. We know firsthand that it’s possible to fall in love with your lash therapist and not want anyone else near your precious lashes! However, very occasionally, something happens (i.e. illness) that makes this not possible. In this case, another therapist will be available so as not to interrupt your schedule. Therefore, although we will try as much as is possible, we cannot guarantee a particular therapist at all times. Please be assured that ALL of our technicians are EXCELLENT at lashes, all having a minimum of 5 years experience and we are confident you will be happy whomever you see at Lady Lash.