Eyelash Extension Prices
At Lady Lash, we’re generous on lashes – we apply lots, even for a natural look. Lots of lashes means a fuller, longer lasting look – the individual lash thickness, length and curl and material can be tailored to suit you. We customize our lash extensions to suit the wearer!

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Full Set
Silk $140
Faux-mink $150
Flat Lashes $150

Approx 70 lashes per eye, takes around 60-90 minutes
For every day wear – a full set of eyelash extensions means you have gorgeous long lashes all the time! Full and lustrous but not as thick/dense as the glam set.
*Faux-mink – around 10-20 more lashes per eye are applied using finer fibres for added texture

Glamour set
Silk $165
Faux-mink $175
Flat Lash $175

Around 90-100 lashes per eye, takes around 90-110 minutes.
Ideal for weddings, special occasions or for those with thicker lashes or who just love eyelash extensions! A more dramatic volume effect and slightly longer lasting lashes are achieved with a glamour set.
(This set is not for those with very fine or damaged lashes or small eyes – 2D volume is a better option)
*Faux-mink – around 20 more lashes per eye are applied using finer fibres.

Lite set
Silk $105
Faux-mink $115
Flat Lash $115

Approx 50 lashes, takes around 50-60 minutes.
A very natural set across the whole eye, with medium/light density for a subtle enhancement. Or a 2/3 eye.
Requires infilling more frequently than a full set, as not as many lashes are applied.
(If you like thicker, darker looks, this is not the look for you)
*Faux-mink – around 10 more lashes per eye are applied using finer fibres.

Russian Technique Volume 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D eyelash extensions

Natural Volume 2D-3D Set $240
Around 200 – 300 lashes per eye, around 2 hours

Medium Volume Set $275
Around 350 – 400 lashes per eye , around 2.5 hours

Maximum Volume Set $310*
Up to 600 lashes per eye, around 3 hours

  • Our Maximum Volume set is suitable only for those with naturally very thick/lots of healthy natural lashes
  • Please note that we hand-make our volume fans for the best quality and retention, which takes time and require an advanced skill
  • Please note that even natural volume is still fairly dramatic for most people!
  • Read more about Russian Volume Technique eyelash extensions here

Eyelash extension infill price guide
weeks a guide only, depends on how many lashes you have lost/how well you have looked after them.

Lite Classic Set Infills:  From $60 – $85*

 Full Classic Set Infills: From $65 – $110*

 Glam Classic Set Infills: From $75 – $125*

 Natural Volume Infills: From $100 – $175*

Maximum Volume Infills: From $125 – $220*

* price dependent on amount of lashes lost/weeks between infills.

please note – as a general rule, we do not infill lashes done elsewhere, due to quality control issues. However, if you are wearing good quality extensions that you would like infilled, feel free to pop in and we can check your lashes to see if this is possible!

  • An ‘infill’ is classified at under 4 weeks and a minimum of 30% extensions remaining. If you retain lashes extremely well, at our discretion we may infill up to 5 weeks. Infills are usually required at 3 weeks.

Some notes regarding infills and removals…

  •  From 1 Oct 2016, Lady Lash will no longer infill the work of other technicians, due to variances in the quality of lashes done elsewhere. We unfortunately are unable to provide a quality guarantee on lashes that are not 100% our work. During our peak season (Oct-Dec) we do not offer infills on work done elsewhere, as we find that often when clients arrive, the existing lashes are not able to be infilled due to problems with quality, and isolation and materials used. Feel free to get in touch regarding this – we are very happy to offer a removal and a brand new set, that we can guarantee quality on, as we know the materials used and are 100% confident in the skill of our technicians.
  • Regarding removals (important!) If you have had a very bad set done elsewhere, especially overseas or with flare/party lashes (you’ll know – they’ll be clumpy, itchy, annoying and all fused together – eeee!) we will do our VERY BEST to get them off quickly, gently and with as little damage to your natural lashes as possible. However, we can not guarantee that we will be able to take the bad ones off and put new ones on in the same booking. So if they’re really bad, please call us to discuss. If you’ve had bad lashes done elsewhere, and your eyelids have become very irritated, infected and puffy, please go to the doctor first (you may need medical attention) and then come to us!
  • Volume infills – usually a minimum of 1 hour is required
  • Over 4.5 weeks we usually recommend a new set, as by this point any existing extensions have often grown out too far to infill and it is best to start afresh. We will infill if you have at least 1/3 of the extensions left, in good condition, not needing to be removed. Some people get 5 weeks between infills for volume sets.
  • Mink and Volume lashes are additional because more lashes of a finer fibre weight are applied.
  • Some of our most experienced technicians (10+ years) have quicker application speeds than the times quoted, but it depends vastly on your natural lash type.